May 8 |19:45 – 21:00 | Sonja Armisen( München)

17,00 17,00

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TangoFusion Dance is a mixture between Tango, freestyle + contact dance especially created for modern Tango or alternative music by Sonja Armisen more than 15 years ago.

In this workshop you will be encouraged to dance the Tangosteps/moves you mostly allready know, allone or with another person.
There is no leading or following, both are equaly suggesting steps / movements to the dance.
Tango Fusion Dance in general works with nearly all Tango figures like, ochos, ganchos, embelishments, colgada, volcada, ecc..
This workshop works for all levels, as each person can put into the dance whatever he/she already learned.
Experienced Tango dancers will learn how to improvise much more and begining dancers how to dance with fun without having to know a lot of Tangosteps.
Singles are very wellcome !