May 10 | 17:00 – 19:30 | Ezequiel and Lydia

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Colgadas are fun and a beautiful enrichment of your Neo Tango vocabulary.
Join this workshop and master them step by step.

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About the workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use Colgadas to enrich your Neo-Tango style.

Colgadas are movements in which both leader and follower dance out of axis. You will learn the basic technique of hanging together, to find your balance, trusting each other, feeling safe, how to lead and follow and how to do a turning Colgada.

The Colgada will be taught in a step by step way, with a logical preparation and a playful atmosphere.

Colgadas are beautiful, exciting and fun!

About the teachers

Ezequiel Sanucci

Teacher | DJ | Performer | Choreographer

During his professional dance career of over 30 years, Ezequiel Sanucci has worked as dancer, choreographer and teacher in classical ballet, contemporary dance and Argentine tango.

Ezequiel created his own contemporary tango style, and is considered a pioneer in contact tango.

Apart from his tango performances on stage Ezequiel studied all the traditional tango styles and is all-round artiest in NeoTango. He is with no doubt a very versatile artiest.

Besides a performer he is also an international dj. Ezequiel is one of the founders La Neo, which is the first 100% neolonga in The Netherlands and he is one of the co-organizers of the Neo Tango Amsterdam Marathon. As the director of the company Tango Now he creates his own tango dance theater productions and is a regular teacher at Academia de Tango in Amsterdam & Flor de Fango in Arnhem. Ezequiel also teaches, dj's and performs on a regular basis at festival and milongas in Europe and Argentina.

Lydia Muller

Dancer | Teacher |  Choreographer |  Director |  Founder

Lydia Müller is a professional dancer and dance teacher now based in Portugal. She moved from Germany to the Netherlands to study for 4 years Contemporary dance at Codarts, Dance Academy Rotterdam.

She has been working as professional contemporary dancer ever since in several dance companies as De Dansers / Wies Merkx, Danstheater Adentro / Relinde Moors, Danstheater VOS, Rob List, Stg.Mint among others in the Netherlands and abroad.

Lydia also worked for street theater companies as Tukkers Connection, Teatro Pavana and De Directie “Was XL”.

Lydia has been teaching Argentine tango, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, contact tango, African dance, yoga and more from children to adults. Lydia’s quality in teaching is to guide the whole group into a journey of creativity, playfulness and enthusiasm.

Lydia is an creative person expressing herself through dance, movement, improvisation, playing violin and being an enthusiast pure human being. Sinds 2009 she has been working intensively together with Ezequiel Sanucci. Amongst other activities they founded Tango Now .